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The Connectivist Manifesto


We are the Keepers of Perception, Guardians of Fallen Angels, Wolves of the Stars. A collective of free, independent dreamers.
We live in cyberspace, we are everywhere. We know no frontiers.
This is our manifesto.

  1. We will sing of the resurrection of souls through technology. Night, dream, vision, connection – everything that elevates our souls to a higher order of consciousness.
  2. Sensory derangement, analogical correspondences, breach of control – these will be the main instruments in our quest.
  3. We want to dig deep into the flesh of the universe, under the skin of the world, and reach its pulsating marrow. Words, images, equations – these are the carrier-viruses of our infection.
  4. We believe that an intangible, unbreakable key encodes the mystery of the universe: the hologram – the holographic principle, the holonomic brain model, holomovement. From the structure of reality to our structures of signification, perception follows one paradigm, enclosing the principles of relativity and indeterminacy.
  5. The explicate order revealed to perception is merely the projected image of an implicate order, out of our grasp. Dissecting the world is not enough to unveil the truth it hides. In order to understand where the image comes from, we need to re-ascend the beam of light, up to the reel in the projector itself. We wish to re-edit the flow, reach the source that is deceiving our perception, and turn off the light: only then will we pierce the veil.
  6. We surrender ourselves to the ebb, ready to catch the restless wave of time. On the shores of the future we listen carefully to the music that emerges from all things in this world, and to the voices of the dead: our dream is a ritual of quantum necromancy.
  7. We are the ones who walk alone down the street, suspended between the illusion of the virtual and the deception of the real. We run the ethereal paths of the Net; we navigate through the endless ocean of information; we are adrenaline pulses in the cables of reality. We are wolves of the stars; star wolves drifting on the electric stream of the solar wind; shadows singing to the night, and listening to the echo of faraway voices. Immersed in the uninterrupted flow of information, we let ghosts be our guides, and we traverse the vast, hushed expanse of entropic suburbs that lie down in the twilight of the senses. We are the ones who linger in the shade of trees, listening to their enveloping breath. When we fall asleep, we explore the Dreamlands.
  8. We have no names. Our true names are whispers in the dark, a meaning hidden in the cosmic background radiation, a signal interleaved in the white noise of matter. Our names wander free through the night.
  9. We are cybernetic seekers. We search for the secret connections safeguarding the sense and the spirit of all things. We are decoders and we want to unhinge the flow of everything, unraveling time in a superimposition of events.
  10. We want to sing of deserted nighttime streets, monuments frozen in silence, neon subway lights, spooky outskirts, rural cemeteries, post-industrial archeologies, lost highways, bombed-out cities, brigands’ trails, soft geometries of bodies, the actinic silence of abandoned hotel rooms, promiscuous technologies; of chaos, stars, desolate planets, space probes launched toward the night, the music of dead quasars, the metaphysical darkness of event horizons, neural links; of the breath of night, the roaring of nova suns, and the sighs of rooms that deform our comprehension of dreams. We are antennae aimed into the void, crazed variables, badly-tuned violins, out-of-sync chronoscopes. Using ancient, mystical routes, we pursue a sharing of souls, spaces, and times. The connection is the hypertextual network of reality’s decoded correspondences. We live in the connection, we strive toward the future. This is why

We Shall Be All!

Translated by Arielle Saiber, Salvatore Proietti and Giovanni De Matteo.